We Operate With Integrity And Discretion
Across Asia

About GRec2Rec

GRec2Rec is a specialist recruitment to recruitment consultancy. We work across all sectors but have greatest expertise providing recruitment firms with talented researchers, consultants, senior managers, executives and talent acquisition professionals in the audit, compliance, finance, human resources, legal, quants, risk, technology, sales and marketing sectors. From offices in Hong Kong and Mumbai, we deliver on assignments for a range of clients from global organisations to niche boutiques, many of which are considered best in class in their areas of expertise.


Why use GRec2Rec?

Finding the right recruitment professional for your business is should be easy, right? You are in the same business after all. Using a recruitment to recruitment specialist gives you unparalleled access to the regions’ most talented professionals, whether they work for a competitor, are not actively job seeking or are working in the your industry sector and not yet in recruitment.


Extensive Coverage

We can help you whether you are looking for someone to lead your operations or a new recruit to the industry. We have successfully placed researchers, resourcers, recruitment consultants, heads of operations, talent acquisition managers and regional directors.


Regional Expertise

Our consultants are experts in all regions across Asia. They have in-depth knowledge within Asia Pacific, but also in their sectors that transcend geographical boundaries to source the best candidates from a global talent pool.